World Wide Prison Ministry

At PFC we believe that prisons in developing nations are one of the “Last Frontiers of Missions,” an unreached people group. Truly, these men and women are the “least of these” that Jesus spoke of in Mt. 25:40.

As the Lord has opened the nations to us we have seen the great need around the world.  The harvest is great but the laborers are few.  We have developed a strategic plan to establish 20 PFC Foreign National Missionaries world wide by 2016.  It is our goal to Train and Equip local missionary partners and volunteers to be God’s reapers in this great field!

The people of Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Central America face both spiritual and natural oppression everyday.  And the prisoners of these nations are all but forgotten.  In fact the governments have welcomed us to help as the problem is beyond their means.  Not only does PFC bring our ministry methods and bible teaching to lead and disciple inmates into true relationship with Jesus Christ, we bring humanitarian aide as well! Food, clothing, soap, recreation equipment, bibles, books and medicine along with skilled medical personnel help us minister to the whole person. If you could just see the appreciation on the faces of these inmates at receiving simple gifts it would bring tears to your eyes as it has for us.

We are making a powerful impact on inmates, prisons, communities and nations as we plant, water and nourish these ministries, prison churches, local churches, Pastors, Leaders and Evangelists! God is using ordinary men and women to be a mighty army for Christ bringing the light to dispel darkness and to see the future for the outcasts of the world. 

We need you to stand with us and see the miracle that God has planned come to life. The prisoners of the world thank you for your prayers and help!

For more information contact:  Greg Von Tobel 425-483-4151,

2 thoughts on “World Wide Prison Ministry

  1. I’d love to hear more about your ministry. What can I help with? Do you have pen pals we can write with? What are all the opportunities available for service?
    Thank you.

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