Update on Kenya Team- 3-2-16

Greg Von Tobel sent a text message that he, Mike Afalava and Paul Franks have arrived safely in Nairobi this morning (which is night time in Kenya because they are 11 hours ahead of us).  Praise God! The fourth member of the team, Nate Bean,  plans to leave Seattle today at 1:20 pm.  Someone from … Continue reading Update on Kenya Team- 3-2-16

“4 minus 1” –3/1/16

We had a particularly rough time at the Delta counters at SeaTac. It seems as if my team leader for this trip, Nate Bean, was not allowed to board our flight (despite the fact that he had received a visa from the Kenyan Embassy like all of us) because of the 6 month expiration within … Continue reading “4 minus 1” –3/1/16


“What is done with insane people in America?” asked my foreign host on one of my most recent mission trips to Africa. The question caught me off guard. I’ve been asked many odd questions during my seventeen mission trips to Third World countries. Looking back, however, this one takes the cake for oddity. I explained … Continue reading Failure

Prison Riot

  “The Muslims inmates are threatening to riot.  They want to kill the Americans,” said one of our native hosts. “Really, why?” I asked, half-joking and very nonchalantly. “The guards have things under control for now and want us to speed things up. . .”  The host emphasized the seriousness of the situation with his … Continue reading Prison Riot

From Voodoo to Heaven- “Finding Jesus on Rikers Island

  From Voodoo to Heaven By C.C.    Napanoch Prison-New York Prisoners for Christ receives hundreds of letters from inmates every month testifying to what Jesus has done for them. We can't keep those testimonies to ourselves. We must share them with the larger church community. This is one such letter from our Mail Box. I am a … Continue reading From Voodoo to Heaven- “Finding Jesus on Rikers Island

Hiding Behind a Mask

Hiding Behind a Mask By J. H. from a California State Prison  The article “Hiding Behind a Mask” is reprinted from Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministry national publication to inmates, Yard Out.  If you are interested in receiving the entire Publication of this Yard Out free, please email gvt@pfcom.org with your mailing address. Donate now … Continue reading Hiding Behind a Mask