Greg Von Tobel is the founder and President of Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries, a 501 c(3) nonprofit corporation. PFC is a ministry dedicated to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the jails, prisons, and juvenile institutions not only in Washington state, but now worldwide. PFC has offices field office in 14 countries including Russia, India, Nepal, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, The Congo, Uganda, Malawi, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Haiti and the Philippines with many countries waiting to come online with us.

Last year over 1,350,000 inmates attended PFC sponsored programs world wide, with over 306,000 inmates accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior for the first time. PFC volunteers conduct an average of 474 services a month, averaging close to 16 per day. The PFC National Bible Study Correspondence School has over 2,400 inmates on its student body list. In addition, PFC has 1,700 volunteers in the ministry world wide in some capacity with 850 volunteers in the US and the remaining balance in differing countries around the world.

Greg Von Tobel was a former stockbroker of 10 years for Shearson Lehman Brothers when God called him into full time prison ministry work. On May 14, 1990 God closed one chapter of his life and on May 15, 1990 God opened up a whole new chapter. Greg has been ministering in Washington state Jails and Prisons for the last 26 years, 6 years on a volunteer basis and the last 22 years as full time missionary to those incarcerated.

Mr. Von Tobel served on the Governor’s Panel of the Department of Corrections Religious Services Advisory Council assisting the Department in setting religious policies and practices for inmates. In addition, he has served as Past President of the Washington Chaplains Association and former Duvall City Councilmen.

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  1. Greg, Q: what do you get when you cross the names, Greg and Rhonda Von Tobel?
    A: Ron Von Tobel. And I think I called you that twice this morning! Sorry! Love ya both,


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