Chapter 4- Honey Can We Talk

Wisdom, insight, and perspective increased exponentially in my daily walk. Purpose increased. The ability to judge the important things of life increased. Pettiness was revealed. But the most important aspect was the hunger to be in the presence of the Lord in a 24-hour quiet time. During that time I wondered if that is what it is going to be like when we are in heaven for all eternity, worshipping the Lord with no end, with a hunger for even more. I was having a two-hour quiet time every morning. Prayer life soared. Mountains were blown apart. Fear was arrested. Pride was nailed.

As the first fast slowly ebbed away and life happened, bits and pieces of the spiritual awakening ebbed away as well. Decisions had to be made in the ministry, different priorities crept back in and the remainder of my spiritual awakening slowly began fading into just a glimmer of light in my memory.

Rhonda brought it all back to life in just a few seconds. The Spirit, through Rhonda, cut me to the quick. The flesh screamed, “No!” The spirit cried, “Yes!” This fundamental conflict of life never goes away, the flesh versus the spirit.

I was at an unexpected and unforeseen crossroads. Almost like the first fast, it just came out of the blue. I didn’t go looking for it. It just showed up at my heart’s door, unannounced. What was I going to do? In my heart I decided not to do the fast.

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