Chapter 3- Heaven Came Down

I had to pull the car off to the side of the road due to the tears that clouded my vision. Peace came upon me like never before — a peace that flowed over my soul. Then I knew it! This fast was of God. There was no reason to doubt. Victory over doubt was at hand. My excitement level grew anticipating the closeness with God for the remainder of the fast.

It was no longer about me or feeling the cravings of my body crying out for nourishment. It became all about Jesus and His life sustaining power. He sent His ministering angels to me, much like He did with the prophet Elijah when He sent the ravens to feed him. Just as He comforted that great prophet, in his time of loneliness and self-doubt, He did the same for me.

Each day the presence of the Lord seemed to grow greater and greater around me. As unbelievable as it may seem, I was a tad bit chagrined, thinking of going back to eating two-to-three meals a day. I came to the point where my body, mind and spirit were in total submission to the Lord and I did not want the fast to end! I would have never thought this possible had I not walked this road myself.

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