Chapter 2- The Morning After

In America we have it all. We are a nation blessed by God. The downside to that prosperity is that whenever problems occur we rely on our own problem solving techniques and not on God’s sovereignty. Fasting is a forgotten and ignored discipline that is rarely taught. Because America is so prosperous we as a nation rarely find the need to fall prostrate before the Lord praying for serious and life threatening problems.

About nine months after the 2000 Election our country would suffer the most horrific attack on our homeland soil since Pearl Harbor, 9/11. Our churches would be flooded with people who had not seen the inside of a church for decades. Our country was on the verge of a revival, calling upon the Lord to renew our strength. Our country vowed to rebuild. And we did rebuild, however we rebuilt in our own strength and not of the Lord. It didn’t take too long before our jammed churches started to empty out. Why? Because our prosperity was a distraction. Our prosperity became our god, our idol once again. We were reliving the fate of the nation of Israel of the Old Testament, of coming to the Lord in their hour of need and falling away once that need had been solved.

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