“Thank you Jesus for this day”

We are not quite so exhausted today. Prayers are being answered.

We had a wonderful worship service at one of the men’s prisons. Paul Franks opened up the service with the President’s presentation and did an incredible job. Mike Afalava was our emcee. Nate Bean did the long sermon and delivered an altar call in which 40 men came forward, many with tears of repentance streaming down their faces. Check out my Facebook page for more pics and a short video of a women’s service we conducted.

I was asked the question why, given that there are several prisons in and around Nairobi,  we were traveling so far to reach some of the prisons in the outlying areas. The answer can best be summed up by a comment made by one of the members of the prison staff as we were leaving his institution: “Thank you so very much for coming today and bringing gifts for the inmates. We feel we are a forgotten institution because we are so far out. Not many come to visit us.  Thank you and please come back.” Ever since we started our international ministry 13 years ago, we have always strived to go where no one else wants to go. We attempt to reach the truly unreached.

Tomorrow we will split up the team and Mike Afalava and I will be going with John Maina, one of our nationals, to one of the Juvenile institutions. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, as juvenile kids scare the heck out of me, worse than an elephant chasing me!

To date totals- 3,195 inmates in attendance with 721 coming forward to receive Christ. Praise God.

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