“Bone Jarring Day”

Kenya prison crowd 3-5-16 IMG_0571We have been very busy the last two days with 5 Crusades and 1 conference. The attached picture shows one of our largest prisons thus far, approximately 1,200 inmates that came out to the service. If you look closely at the picture you can see a large crowd of men kneeling down. These are the approximately 300 men that came forward to receive Christ. We are seeing a great move of God this trip to Kenya. Many men are coming forward to receive Christ with tears streaming down their faces.

One of the things we were not anticipating is that our itinerary would show just one prison at a particular location but there  really were multiple prisons there. So instead of ministering at one prison in the afternoon we might actually be doing three services. Many of the larger prisons have women’s institutions attached as well. Oftentimes the OC [Officer in Charge]will not allow the entire prison to come out for one service but they will allow us to do multiple services per institution. This is a good thing however we are extremely worn out. All this causes us to have to split up the team. Everyone is being worked very hard.

Each one of our American team members is being used to the max to the point of being totally spent by the end of the day. Last night, Nate and I chose sleep over dinner. You can always take the pulse of the team by seeing how many people would rather fall into bed than wait for dinner. Jet lag is just wiping us out. However His mercies are new every morning.

Our American team is doing exceptionally well. Our newest member of the team, Mike Afalava, is doing exceptionally well in sharing his testimony and preaching. It is a joy being around him. The next member of our team is Paul Franks who like Mike is doing an awesome job. These two new guys are hitting it out of the park every time they get up to speak to the crowds. It brings me great inner joy to see such “newbies” doing such a phenomenal  job. Nate Bean successfully connected with us yesterday. It brought a great smile to my face seeing my brother catch up to us after all that he had to do at the last minute at SeaTac.  This meant missing his flight which caused him to fly out the following day and thus be one day late.

The extra services that we weren’t expecting to do didn’t wear us out today as much as the roads. The roads were just awful. They were bone jarring roads for most of the day. We are exhausted and are about ready to fall flat on our faces.

It is hot and humid, however our rooms have A/C.

Good night for now.


1. For Stamina
2. For the continued outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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