Day 3- March 3, 2016

“We are under threat of Al Qaeda, we must be vigilant.”

  Part 1: We awoke this morning refreshed from the long commute of two days to get here. We spent the night at the Passionist Guest House where we have stayed on many past trips. It gives us a great place of refuge from the daily grind of ministry. We had two hard boiled eggs and a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. We are now off on our first day of ministry for this campaign. We are already an hour late from our estimated time of departure which will only catch up to us on the back end of our day.

 We get to our first prison and are met by the first guard at the front end of the prison who states: “we are under threat of Al Qaeda , we must be vigilant.” I thought to myself what a weird way to start off the conversation. So what does that mean to us? Everybody out of the van while security goes over our van tooth and nail.  All is well so we proceed to our next location to see the Officer in Charge. Once the customary greetings are exchanged, we are taken to the Chapel of the institution. We are told there are 100 men waiting for us to show up. These are men who meet everyday for their Bible study. This will not be our customary evangelistic service but one of encouragement and exhortation for the body of believers.

 Part 2: At the end of the service we call forward the church leaders and about 10 of them come forward.  We then present to them a new tool we had put together. It is a binder with a summary of all of our BCS lessons condensed onto one page. This is a tool that the church leaders  can use to assist them to disciple new inmates and will also enhance the Biblical knowledge of the inmate church. One of the inmates clutched the binder tightly to his chest. We are also trying something new this trip. We have 2 transport vehicles instead of one.  This has been an incredible concept as one is used to haul people and one is used to haul luggage, humanitarian aid and Bibles. We are now off to our next prison about two hours away. We were supposed to do 2 more prisons this afternoon but ended up only doing one. We went and did a service for 200 female inmates as well.

 Until Nate catches up to us, our team right now consists of  Mike Afalava (his very first international trip), Paul Franks (his second international trip with PFC) and me.  I am simply amazed at these two guys. Mike gave his testimony twice today and just knocked it out of the park with his sharing. Everyone was intently listening to his sharing. Paul preached a short sermon in the first service and was emcee at the second service. I took both of these guys off to the side and encouraged them greatly on their presentation and how God was using them to reach some of the hardest of hearts. These two guys are doing a great job.

 Part 3: Tomorrow we are in hopes of meeting up with our teammate, Nate Bean, and we will be doing another prison crusade as well as a leadership conference at night.

 Prayer requests– Pray :  (1) For the rendezvous with Nate to go smoothly. (2) For everything to run smoothly tomorrow. (3) For me, GVT, as I have some really weird body aches. I have had a headache that is drilling through each of my temples all day. Excedrin doesn’t seem to be knocking it out.  I am exhausted and falling into bed at 8:32 pm.

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