You can plunder the devil’s kingdom, and set souls free!



Acts 10: 38 (GW)

You know that God anointed Jesus from Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Jesus went everywhere and did good things, such as healing everyone who was under the devil’s power. Jesus did these things because God was with him.


Our Bible verse for today tells us that Jesus was able to plunder the devil’s kingdom and heal the sick and the oppressed because God was with Him! That’s the key! Is God with you?

Whenever the devil became revolting or attacked during Jesus’s earthly ministry, Jesus went out to plunder his kingdom. For instance, in Matthew 14:1–28, when Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been beheaded by King Herod, he withdrew to be alone. He then healed the sick, fed five thousand men, walked on water, and healed more people!

In like manner, in Acts 5:40–42, the early apostles…

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