Home Sweet Home!

(Posted by Margaret L.) Our Africa Team returned home safely this last Saturday, 3/13.  They are very enthusiastic about the trip and all that the Lord accomplished through them.  Rhonda told me that when one of the team members (Jamie Neault) was asked if he would be willing to go on another missions trip, he … Continue reading Home Sweet Home!

God’s Incredible Favor!

(Posted by Margaret L.)  I just received a voicemail from Greg that he sent me at 10:10 pm last night (3/11).  Greg indicated that it was the second part of a message concerning their ministry on 3/10 (Wednesday).  I never received the first part but the second part can stand on its own. ( I … Continue reading God’s Incredible Favor!

Fun at the Equator & More Ministry

We drove the team to the equator for many photo ops. . . . In the afternoon, we went to our next assignment from the Lord to a smaller prison farm-- about 80 men and 27 men came forward. I am so impressed with the growth of our team as they grow into their ministry shoes.