Our Prosperity is a Hindrance. For the most part, in the evangelical church, we understand the concept of giving and praying. It is easy to give, it is easy to pray. It is not, however, easy to fast. Therein lies the rub for the American believer. We don’t like pain. We don’t like to do without. Because of our prosperity and the ability to solve our problems on our own, we don’t need to rely on God to come to our aid. We believe we can fix it ourselves. This is the dark side to the entrepreneurial spirit and capitalistic society in which we live.

One of the greatest tools that I believe Satan has used to render the American believers faith ineffective, is the credit card and the line of credit on our homes. When the furnace breaks, when the transmission goes out in our cars, when one of our family members needs to go the hospital, when we need to send one of our kids to college or even when a family pet needs medical attention, what do we do? We immediately pull out the plastic and pay for it, without any prayer or fasting. No questions asked. It has to get done. We just solve our own problems.

Is this what God wants from us? Do we first inquire of God? Most likely not! Often we find ourselves in this viscous cycle of continuing to increase our monthly expenditures, leaving less and less disposable income that we could use to build up the kingdom of God. Some go so far as to pile debt upon debt upon debt until the debt load is crushing. We never ask the Lord what we are to do and one bad decision leads to another. What kind of insanity is that? At some point, even believers under the mounds of debt file for bankruptcy, all because they didn’t slow down and stop to inquire of the Lord. Do you know what is done in other cultures when people can’t pay their bills? They are thrown into debtor’s prison! I have seen it first hand as we stand waiting to go into a prison service in a foreign prison. I look up at the chalk board where the demographics of the prison are listed, and sure enough, there are listings for debtor inmates!

When these things happen to our Christian brothers and sisters in different cultures, what do they do? They go to their knees, they pray, they fast, they inquire of the Lord, and then they wait. This is not normally the case for the American believer. Jesus asks the question in Luke 18:8, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Wisdom, insight, and perspective increased exponentially in my daily walk. Purpose increased. The ability to judge the important things of life increased. Pettiness was revealed. But the most important aspect was the hunger to be in the presence of the Lord in a 24-hour quiet time. During that time I wondered if that is what it is going to be like when we are in heaven for all eternity, worshipping the Lord with no end, with a hunger for even more. I was having a two-hour quiet time every morning. Prayer life soared. Mountains were blown apart. Fear was arrested. Pride was nailed.

As the first fast slowly ebbed away and life happened, bits and pieces of the spiritual awakening ebbed away as well. Decisions had to be made in the ministry, different priorities crept back in and the remainder of my spiritual awakening slowly began fading into just a glimmer of light in my memory.

Rhonda brought it all back to life in just a few seconds. The Spirit, through Rhonda, cut me to the quick. The flesh screamed, “No!” The spirit cried, “Yes!” This fundamental conflict of life never goes away, the flesh versus the spirit.

I was at an unexpected and unforeseen crossroads. Almost like the first fast, it just came out of the blue. I didn’t go looking for it. It just showed up at my heart’s door, unannounced. What was I going to do? In my heart I decided not to do the fast.

I had to pull the car off to the side of the road due to the tears that clouded my vision. Peace came upon me like never before — a peace that flowed over my soul. Then I knew it! This fast was of God. There was no reason to doubt. Victory over doubt was at hand. My excitement level grew anticipating the closeness with God for the remainder of the fast.

It was no longer about me or feeling the cravings of my body crying out for nourishment. It became all about Jesus and His life sustaining power. He sent His ministering angels to me, much like He did with the prophet Elijah when He sent the ravens to feed him. Just as He comforted that great prophet, in his time of loneliness and self-doubt, He did the same for me.

Each day the presence of the Lord seemed to grow greater and greater around me. As unbelievable as it may seem, I was a tad bit chagrined, thinking of going back to eating two-to-three meals a day. I came to the point where my body, mind and spirit were in total submission to the Lord and I did not want the fast to end! I would have never thought this possible had I not walked this road myself.

In America we have it all. We are a nation blessed by God. The downside to that prosperity is that whenever problems occur we rely on our own problem solving techniques and not on God’s sovereignty. Fasting is a forgotten and ignored discipline that is rarely taught. Because America is so prosperous we as a nation rarely find the need to fall prostrate before the Lord praying for serious and life threatening problems.

About nine months after the 2000 Election our country would suffer the most horrific attack on our homeland soil since Pearl Harbor, 9/11. Our churches would be flooded with people who had not seen the inside of a church for decades. Our country was on the verge of a revival, calling upon the Lord to renew our strength. Our country vowed to rebuild. And we did rebuild, however we rebuilt in our own strength and not of the Lord. It didn’t take too long before our jammed churches started to empty out. Why? Because our prosperity was a distraction. Our prosperity became our god, our idol once again. We were reliving the fate of the nation of Israel of the Old Testament, of coming to the Lord in their hour of need and falling away once that need had been solved.

We are now safe and sound back on our own homeland. We had an awesome trip. The “Team of Four” (Americans) was a spiritual force to be reckoned with. We maintained a full frontal attack on the gates of hell with some very souls being snatched from the fires of eternity. Below is the fruit of our labors:

Crusades/Services: 16
Inmate attendance: 3,825
Salvations: 780
Inmates requesting healing prayer (new tracking): 376
Inmates church leaders prayed over (new tracking): 167
Prison training conferences: 2
Conference attendees: 51
New testament distribution: 380
Full Bible distribution: 39
Yard Out Newspapers (new): 2 Bundles
BCS Discipleship Binders (new): 8 Binders

Soap: 9,660 bars
Toilet paper rolls: 3,400 rolls
Sugar: 660 lbs.
Soccer balls: 10

To God be the Glory! Amen and amen!

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I would rather be eaten by a crocodile than be up in front of a bunch of kids. Kids scare the heck out of me. Well it was meant to be that today and I would not be eaten by a crocodile. What was I thinking when I volunteered to go with my friend John Maina to view the work he was doing with the juveniles.

The night before, it was decided that Mike Afalava and I would go to the juKenya-Gifts for the kids 3-16 IMG_0712venile institutions with our Kenyan teammates, John Maina and Stephen, while Nate Bean and Paul Franks would go to the men’s institution. When we arrived at the juvenile institution we were informed that we would do two services simultaneously which meant whatever comfort level I had with a team of 4 had now shrunk to a team of two. Stephen and I were to go to one institution and John and Mike were to go to another.

My team goes to where the kids have been assembled. There is much singing going on until we arrive and the room goes quiet when we walk through the doors. I am thinking to myself this is not going to go well. 60 faces are staring back at me from the ages of 6 to 14. Beautiful little faces, many whom I would love to take back home with me. Stephen opens up and then turns the meeting over to me. The SERMON I had prepared in my head the night before is just not going to work. As I am walking up to the front of the room the Holy Spirit prompts me to do a skit. I am panicked at this moment as eternity seems to stand still. A skit???? I quickly flash back to India when we visited an orphanage and my good friend Bob Jordan did a skit on David and Goliath. So I pray and go for it– a three man skit.

I pick the smallest child in the group and bring him in front of the class. I share with the kids who David was. Then I pick the biggest kid in the group and have him stand on a chair. I prompt him to act like an angry giant. The kids howl. I then run to the other side of the room and get down on my hands and knees and teach David how to pick up five big stones from an imaginary stream. The kids howl.

I teach David how to put one of his stones into a sling and he slings his imaginary stone which hits Goliath in the forehead. I have Goliath fall on my shoulders and I carry him in a firemen’s carry around the room and gently lay him dead on the floor. The kids howl. Then I lift David up so that he is now sitting on my right shoulders. (this little kid was much heavier than he looked and I almost dropped him.) I then transitioned and said that even the very smallest of people in the world can do the greatest of things when God is on their side.

Up until this point, I have never given an altar call to this age bracket of kids and was  wondering in my mind if I should even do one. I was panicked a second time. The spirit prompts me and I do a full  altar call as if I were in front of adults.  I was much gentler, however, but the message was the same. I then invited anyone who wanted to ask for forgiveness of their sins and to receive Jesus in their hearts to come forward. Much to my shock, 30 kids came forward and knelt close enough to my legs so as to feel them.

After we had finished, I asked Stephen who was translating for me, if I was clear enough in the message and did the kids really know what they were doing? He said they absolutely knew what they were doing.

Wowza, thank you Jesus for getting me out of my comfort zone and thank you to Bob Jordan for modeling how to do a skit of David and Goliath. Who would have thought that would come full circle so many years ago.

Our team of Americans and Kenyan brothers conclude our ministry time in Kenya with three services, then we will have an audit day with our brothers as well as our going away lunch for the team.

Please pray that these meetings will go well and for safe passage back to our homeland.


We are not quite so exhausted today. Prayers are being answered.

We had a wonderful worship service at one of the men’s prisons. Paul Franks opened up the service with the President’s presentation and did an incredible job. Mike Afalava was our emcee. Nate Bean did the long sermon and delivered an altar call in which 40 men came forward, many with tears of repentance streaming down their faces. Check out my Facebook page for more pics and a short video of a women’s service we conducted.

I was asked the question why, given that there are several prisons in and around Nairobi,  we were traveling so far to reach some of the prisons in the outlying areas. The answer can best be summed up by a comment made by one of the members of the prison staff as we were leaving his institution: “Thank you so very much for coming today and bringing gifts for the inmates. We feel we are a forgotten institution because we are so far out. Not many come to visit us.  Thank you and please come back.” Ever since we started our international ministry 13 years ago, we have always strived to go where no one else wants to go. We attempt to reach the truly unreached.

Tomorrow we will split up the team and Mike Afalava and I will be going with John Maina, one of our nationals, to one of the Juvenile institutions. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, as juvenile kids scare the heck out of me, worse than an elephant chasing me!

To date totals- 3,195 inmates in attendance with 721 coming forward to receive Christ. Praise God.

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